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Who is Kennith De Kock?

Pastor Kennith has helped thousands of individuals through recovery programs and dynamic seminars during the past twenty years within the field of recovery.

He is the founding member of “the Reach Program” and has been a director of “Mighty Wings Life Center”. His vast experience and personal passion to facilitate transformation is your greatest asset.

He currently facilitates recovery programs for those battling with sex and porn addiction in Pretoria and Benoni areas, and is also available to do so via Skype.

Grace Online focuses on helping you recover from sexual addiction by dealing with the root the cause

Love Addiction

When you have obsessive-compulsive relationships that make your life unmanageable.

Grief & Loss

When dealing with the loss of another, we lose track of who we are.


The misplaced belief that controlling a person will bring you happiness.

Love Avoidance

Setting up mental barriers in a relationship to push a loved one away.

Working through your addiction 

Task 1: Break through Denial

ADDICTION IS AN ILLNESS OF ESCAPE. While engaged in addiction the goal is to obliterate, medicate, or ignore reality. You escape feelings of hurt, betrayal, worry, – and most painful of all – loneliness by sexually acting out.

Your hardest challenge may be to acknowledge the full extent of the problem…

Task 2: Understanding the Nature of Addictive Illness

“Masturbation is the one great habit that is a primary addiction. The other addictions, for alcohol, tobacco, etc., only enter into life as a substitute and replacement for it.” – Sigmund Freud.

We underst

Task 3: Surrender to Process

The tremendous fact for every one of us is that we have discovered a common solution. – Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous The framework referred to above has helped millions of people.

Not only alcoholics, but gamblers, compulsive overeaters, and sex addicts – as well as their partners – have benefitted from the insights of the program.

and that addiction is an illness – a serious disease. We know that people can get help and that a good prognosis exists.