How I Can Help

Welcome to GraceOnline, 

we are a cutting-edge addiction recovery program for men who struggle with pornography and sex addiction.

Our aim is to go facilitate participants through a step-by-step healing adventure from complete brokenness, helplessness and destruction, into a place of complete personal and relational restoration.

We provide support groups and individual consultations throughout the week, led by the most equipped and skilled people who have more than 25 years of addiction recovery experience. 

The support groups provide a strong and closely connected community which support and facilitate growth and healing in the participants life. The groups focus on the three most damaged aspects to recover: 

1. The betrayed partners, 

2. Men participating on the program, 

3. The relationship, where both partners in the relationship attend.

We offer personal coaching to help deal with the deeper issues that individuals may have gone through. Learning more about self-esteem, emotional intelligence, forgiveness, dealing with shame & guilt, relapse prevention methods and building confidence.

At GraceOnline you will find hope again with the guidance and support from our team.

Our Counselling Platforms

Individual Consultations

Personalized recovery progam facilitation through a set program..

Partner Recovery Program

Assistance through a recovery program for wives damaged by intimate betrayal of their partners.

Men's Recovery Program

Draw from the strengths, convictions, insights and inspirations of other men how to confidently overcome addictive and compulsive sexual behaviours.

Online Consultation

Learn how to feel more confident, overcome approach anxiety, and have more connected conversations in our 10-Day Challenge.