Pst. Kennith De Kock
Specialist: Porn Recovery

Empowering men to heal relationships and restore trust. Our step-by-step program guides men with compulsive and problematic sexual behaviors towards recovery.

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About Us

We empower men to heal from the devastation caused by unwanted sexual behavior.

Our simple, 3-step program, “One Clear Path to Lasting Recovery” guides men to stop porn addiction and save their relationships in just 90 days by starting to take effective action.

Unlike other recovery programs, our approach is comprehensive and effective, providing personalized support every step of the way.

Discover the power of acceptance, belonging, and conquering with GraceOnline.


About Me


Kennith de Kock

Expert in men,
partners and relationships.

Passionate about unlocking potential and promoting success.

Dedicated to helping individuals thrive in every aspect of their lives.


Kennith de Kock

I am passionate about the role potential purpose and performance of men, their partners and their most intimate relationships.

There Is Nothing In Life More Satisfying for me than To See Those I Serve, Thrive In Every Area Of Their Lives!!

Overcome your addiction and experience freedom

How I Help People

Build Self Esteem

Our approach focuses on building self-love and strength, leading to positive relationships with yourself and others.

Heal Broken Relationships

Our tools and exercises guide couples towards healing through forgiveness, honesty, and understanding.

Sustain a healthy recovery lifestyle

Our ongoing support helps individuals create habits for lasting recovery, including building healthy relationships and emotional intelligence.

Have you realized the seriousness of your problematic behaviour yet?

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What People say

Cameron Sathiah

DIgital MArketer

Precious Pesha

executive head: eskom holdings

Kennith’s passion for his work is remarkable. Working with people who struggle to accept their situation requires a tremendous amount of effort and patience. Kennith’s willingness to journey with the patient from darkness to light is humbling, utilising all different methodologies and resources that are appealing to the clients. Keep up the good work Kennith. The world needs such excellent determination and character.

Alan Strachan

addiction recovery coach at whiteriver recovery center

We have enjoyed working with Kennith in the field of addiction. His insights and practical approach to sexual health has inspired many of our clients to venture into understanding their addictions. Kennith wisdom in this area guides his clients to understand how their emotions drive dysfunctional patterns. His professionalism and caring approach is key to guiding clients to discuss a topic we typically hide and deny. Thank you for your commitment to guiding others to a higher level of wellness.

Gary McClean

Key Account manager

Kennith has a deep understanding of how our minds work. He is professional, considerate and is always able to empathize with where you might find yourself. He has specialized in drug addict counseling and successfully started the biggest outpatient program in South Africa, which is now the official diversion program to rehabilitate drug addicts and avoid sending them to jail. If you have a problem with Pornography addiction there is no one else I would recommend besides Kennith.

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