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I was a director of a successful outpatient rehabilitation centre, a pastor, and a husband who was severely addicted to pornography. I felt like I was letting down God, letting people down, and destroying my marriage. I felt isolated and lonely in my battle. I was supposed to be better, and an example for others.

In my heart, I knew that I was fake, even though my love for God was real, and I really wanted to stop. After this, my wife and I lost our baby after she fell pregnant. This created intense hurt, pain, and brokenness for myself and my wife. After this had happened, I blamed myself and hated the fact that I couldn’t stop my addiction.

I sought out help from a sex addiction specialist and learned more about my addiction and discovered that it was more than possible to recover. Day by day, I took the necessary recovery steps, and slowly but surely, every area of my life began to heal. I won the trust back from my wife, gained hope of starting a family again, and became a better version of myself.

I worked through a recovery textbook, put myself into a community, had guidance from a recovery specialist, and after one year I became equipped to help others who were experiencing the struggles I once had. I resigned from the outpatient centre I was a part of and dedicated all my time to helping men who struggle with porn and sex addiction. I called this program, GraceOnline.

Within just the last 5 years I have successfully helped more than 500 men save their marriage relationships and remain free from all forms of problematic sexual behaviors. After establishing GraceOnline, I was not only able to give to other men what I have greatly desired myself but I have also helped them gain a meaningful connection with their life partners, a great increase in their experience of self-worth and significance, improved experienced levels of spiritual peace and connectedness and the satisfaction of being able to help others.


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